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1. The company is financially sound, has no debt, has low overhead, and has a good track record of healthy growth.
2. There is no inventory to carry, and there are no month-end volume or quota requirements.
3. The company offers free top-quality training and self-development with no travel required.
4. The product has a personal development component built into it that resonates with my values. The positive ripple effect caused by using this product is enormous. Using the product has a positive impact on our world.
5. The company offers a product and service which would be difficult for a competitor to copy or reproduce at the same price point.
6. The company has good business ethics, great customer service, and practices the Golden Rule with their business associates and customers.
7. The company produces a non-controversial product.
8. The company produces a consumable environmentally-friendly product that is widely used on a regular basis and is easy, fun and affordable for people to use and to market.
9. The product is currently relevant, has global appeal and can be used by both men and women for business or personal use.
10. The one-time start-up cost is minimal for someone wanting their own business and the product is competitively priced for customers.
11. The company gives back to society and has a powerful mission statement: “Treat people right!”
12. The compensation plan is generous and the structure is sound. There’s a track record of distributors earning livable wages and ongoing passive income.

My Valentine’s Card to my lovely wife Karin using our SOC program

Dr H gets a gift and card from Lady Karin

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